Potion Pop game review

In the genre of “three in a row” are extremely hard to come up with something new, but because developers can only use someone else’s good ideas and a little different to draw. The resounding success of Candy Crush has literally forced creators seeking to earn a lot of money on mobile platforms, to do all the same pattern, changing only the objects on the field. In Candy Crush this candy and Potion Pop — bottles with different types of potions.

During a particularly successful combo that lasts longer than five seconds, the user is constantly praised.

Successful experiments
The passage begins with learning where Professor Cornelius Pop all the details explains the basic principles of the game. The user needs to swap standing next to the elixirs, so they teamed up in lines of three, four or five similar bottles. If this fails, the potions disappear, the player gets points and continues to do the same. In General, anything original and unusual.

The level is passed in the case if a user collects these elixirs left in sufficient quantity. Sometimes you need to destroy rows of identical bottles, and in some cases, it is necessary to unite only in a row, for example, a yellow potion. Completing missions issued blue beans, which can be spent on increasing the number of specific bottles that will simplify some of the levels. However, in most cases, you can do without it and not to waste virtual currency.

In addition to collecting the necessary bottles, the player must earn a specified number of points. The destruction of the elixir three pieces will not help to achieve the desired result — will have to try to activate special combos. For example, when combining four potions formed fire elixir — combine it with two of the same color, and the entire row or column will disappear. If you manage to combine five pieces, will create a rainbow potion can blow up all of the bottle types selected. Finally, when the elixir will be in the form of the letter “T” is activated powder mixture, blasting all eight objects around him.

Explosions elixirs look great, especially when a lot of them, although to see all the details in the game fails.

The gameplay is not affected, but the level design is done very efficiently and even original. If the main character travels from one world to another, going the long way and meeting all sorts of creatures, which take the character to new locations after performing a certain number of jobs.

Since the game is distributed on a shareware model, can not do without a standard for such projects features. For example, the hero there is a limited supply of lives, which runs out at the unfortunate passing level — in particular when the number of moves it is impossible to collect all the necessary potions. Only five lives, and eventually they recover, and play often fail, to be careful and not waste moves wasted.

For gems that you can buy for real Madrid, acquires special bonuses that make the passage a little easier. However, these bonuses need to start to unlock what is happening not once, and to pay for virtual currency is not necessary — it is issued for completing mini-quests like completing the ten missions on Monday and other similar tasks. And, by and large, not so much from these bonuses use.

It turns out that plays exactly the same way as all the analogs. But the developers wisely copied the mechanics, make it beautiful, and not adding anything extra, and money the user is not asked. Even though the system lives, as well as several in-game currencies and present, of their existence, almost never remember enjoying the gameplay and watching the beautiful effects of explosions of gunpowder, fire and a rainbow of elixirs.

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