Pac-Man 256 Review

One of the legendary bugs in video game history is all 256 levels in the classic version of Pac-Man. Due to technical limitations it was the cause of the inability to play the game to the end. The whole right side of the locations on this level was like a mess of colorful characters and therefore understand what they need to do, users are not able to. PAC-man recently celebrated its 35th anniversary, but the people on this bug can still remember and even make it the basis of new games. As, for example, happened to Pac-Man 256 from who created Crossy Road Studio Hipster Whale.

The PAC-man quite often gets the opportunity to eat their enemies, having found at the level of one of the many amplifiers.

Tribute to the classics
In General, it’s amazing how games PAC-man has still not lost its charm and relevance. While SEGA struggles to regain its former glory Sonic, literally forcing the brand into the grave, eater yellow white dots remains unchanged. Though creating a platformer is much more complicated than this arcade, however, the authors of Pac-Man 256 was able to add a lot of innovations without making any drastic changes to the gameplay.

Away from the usual division into levels, the authors offer the audience an endless maze with the same rules. Before the player there is a huge field in which scattered white dots, and scurry around the multi-colored ghosts. Point need to eat and ghosts to avoid, while trying to earn as many points and not dying. Sometimes the way the hero found the big point — they allow for the time to become particularly strong and eat opponents alive, but the effect lasts only a few seconds. In General, this is a classic Pac-Man, but without the limitations.

Earning enough points, the user unlocks a special ability. Bombs, temporary slowing of ghosts, stealth select before start only three abilities, and they are activated only when they are eating on the field. That is to freeze enemies at any time will fail — you need to find the corresponding icon in the maze. Note that the start of passage improvements is not free — you will have to spend one of the six loans, recovering with time. They are also used for the resurrection of PAC-man that allowed to do only once during one pass. If improvement is not needed, the existence of credits the player will remember.

In addition to the points we collect gold coins, which the maze is extremely small. Much more can you get for viewing ads (commercials a few seconds) and for performing simple tasks. For example, the game may ask you to collect four zemlyanichka — as the berries on location a lot, the quest is completed in minutes. A gift will give a box with a random reward — a couple of dozen coins or a bundle of credits if some of them are already used. The last time are restored, so it makes sense to leave opening the chest for later, not to get them instead of precious gold.

And from here it really is good, since with it, “pumped” abilities. Freezing is better, allowing you to stop the ghosts for a longer period. Stealth is also improving — to run past unsuspecting opponents for a few extra seconds. The only drawback is that when the “leveling” ability, it becomes unavailable. And if at first expected to account for only a few minutes, at later stages, the timer shows the hours, and even more.

So why is number 256 in the title game? It’s simple — because Pac-Man 256 is an endless maze, the player must somehow be punished for excessive slowness and lack of progress. Here is the lower part of the scene gradually turns into the same hodgepodge of colorful characters, long which leads to the death of the character.

Because, on the one hand, the player tries to rush and not be distracted by everything dots/berries/improvement, and on the other seeks to collect as much as possible combos. Although the points in most cases are located near between them, sometimes the empty space, knocking received a combo, but don’t forget about the ghosts flying everywhere. And it’s not uncommon for a split second to decide what is more important in a particular case: take a chance and turn away, which can lead equally to success and to death or go forward. Second often is the right decision.

The only notable downside is the game drains the battery of your smartphone or tablet very fast. This is due to the playback at 60 frames per second, which can be disabled in the settings, but in this case, the smoothness of movement is lost. In General, whatever you like — worth a try both if the question is charging you much care.

Very often, the ghosts are walking groups; pursuit of PAC-man in such cases, look very funny.

Hard to believe, but the formula of thirty years ago (albeit with new features) works perfectly to this day. Not really changing the basis, developers

managed to create almost the perfect modern “PAC-man”, with respect taken to the classics. And microtransactions it’ll be hidden so deeply that the possibility to buy infinite credits and double coins you don’t even have to know. So the game is one of the free apps required for download.

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