Lara Croft GO: Review

The word GO in the title now, it seems, means a separate subgenre. After the success of the excellent Hitman GO, Square Enix Montreal has realized that a similar mechanic is fine and other hit series. Think that is exactly what came to light Lara Croft GO.

All killing is not necessarily, and sometimes not — with use fire to force the enemy to retreat and thereby activate the desired button.

Tell clone no.
And just want to draw attention to the fact that the developers did not copy the gameplay of a game about a bald assassin, because of this, Lara would not be enough to conquer the mobile platform. So can please adventure turned really exciting, varied and interesting.

This puzzle and strategy at the same time, and the gameplay is turn-based, this means that the same steps must be done carefully, accurately and not to hurry in making decisions. In fact, at any level and there is no purpose to get something to do while the timer ticks away; is that something where you’ll have to Dodge the attack “boss”, but you’ll quickly realize what was happening. Yes, and it’s still not like the oppressive condition “make a decision as soon as possible, otherwise the time will end and everyone will die!”.

In General, although moving slowly, not the fact that nerves in the process of passing will not be naughty, because the difficulty level of the puzzles here very rarely, but still exceeds the standard average “if you’re at least a little thinking being”. Sometimes must be restarted, sometimes more than once, because some mistakes are not forgiven (make one, you can get stuck and just not be able to move on, if not to die), and the wrong decision in the beginning of the level may come back to haunt somewhere near the end, so the restart will be accompanied by something like: “Ah, that’s how it should have been!” And it’s not in the game minus and plus. “The challenge”, though not so serious, is still present, for easy mobile toys are always commendable.

Diversity is everything

Rather, the optimal duration — not dozens of hours, but 30 minutes to run (of course, if you really play for fun, not satisfied with the speed run to YouTube). And here perfectly works proposed by developers a variety of levels, enemies, tasks and solutions — with each step Lara Croft GO will delight with something new. Sometimes on location, you need to consider so many nuances, that the eyes diverge: some enemies will move at the same time you pressed the button to activate the boulders that can kill you and aggressive animals on the level, but at the same time can not roll back and block the passage. Will have to figure out to kill someone close, someone at a distance (this is not always), and some of the creatures you need to use for their own purposes — for example, to activated the necessary mechanism in pursuit of you.

The only thing that can get enthusiastic fans to go through the game again is the availability of bonus outfits for Lara, which can only unlock by finding the hidden levels and items (gems or fragments of figures). But it eventually gets boring, because it turns into a “pixel-hunting”.

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