Happy Wheels game review

A few years ago let’s play all over the world literally inundated YouTube with his videos of Happy Wheels. Some number of posted videos exceeds a few hundred. But eventually, all of them were tired of the monotony, Yes, and gathered around them the audience wanted something new. Now, years later, that fun suddenly appeared on mobile platforms, losing relevance and being a stripped-down version of the original.

Fun wheels
Not clear why the port took so much time, but one thing is for sure: the game looks like a visitor from the past. PC Happy Wheels is constantly evolving (and continues to do), including due to lined up around her community, and because even dedicated fans will always find something there to do. Mobile option at this stage offers so little content that all available in the game can be completed within an hour.

Obstacles on the way to the finish line, usually deadly. Spikes, falling objects, falling platforms, even crossbows, automatically firing at the approaching man, can at least cripple that complicate passage. The fact that the body of the hero is divided into several parts, which he may lose if severe wound. If it falls from a height, he often breaks legs, but because to jump high can no longer. But guaranteed to survive to the finish, though, and may lose along the way most of the limbs.

Sometimes the vehicle of the hero is falling apart for one reason or another. Then you can try to bring the character to the end without the help of Segway — in this case, you cannot control individual limbs, and to press the button that changes the posture of the hero. If necessary, have the opportunity to hold hands for the surface — only if the character can jump and travel long distances. But most often much easier to start passing again.

Emergency case
The mobile version offers 15 missions for the man in the suit, and that accessible content ends. Some levels are too simple, some complex and lengthy, but can quickly pass all that then remains except to replay them. Funny physics, which obviously tried to do realistic, sometimes leads to this spectacular situation and colorful deaths of hero that to try to pass some of the mission a couple more times probably want. But still it will be more like an attempt to squeeze out the best.

Version Happy Wheels for PC was kept afloat thanks to community-created levels. Unfortunately, for more than a year they are nothing special and are a repetition for the fiftieth time. But even among the debris, you can find at least one interesting fun. The mobile version does not offer anything.

Rather, the level editor is there, but the sense from it has no. To share their own creations exclusively with your friends by sending them your levels by email. And here is a General list where users poured their works, yet. Yes, it is likely that this feature will appear later, but it is unlikely to release the rest of the characters.

Pre-created levels are very different: the buttons you need to press, then over the fan to fly.
Pre-created levels represent the smallest interest — much more I want to see what’s up with the community, and every day to find new entertainment. The mobile version is devoid of all, what has been known for the original, and therefore recommend it to release all its major components, we are not going. The potential of the game is, but the speed with which it is implemented leaves much to be desired.

Pros: years later the project still made it to iOS, gameplay has remained unchanged and is able to captivate players.

Cons: in the release version, there’s only one character; no custom levels; the editor at this stage is absolutely useless.

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