Glow Monsters review game

Green monster running around the maze and is saved from the monsters, simultaneously collecting various bonuses. Such a simple phrase can describe all happening in the Glow Monsters — new puzzle game available now on mobile devices. The story and some explanations of what is happening there, but it is not necessary — most importantly, interesting to play.

After collecting the stars have a collection of white dots, otherwise the level will not end.

Monsters Inc.
The structure here is standard for this kind of games: there are six planets (in the future promise to add more), consisting of a couple dozen levels each. For all missions you can get a rating from zero to three stars, and the only criterion is to collect the most stars on the scene. In addition, the player earns points, the folding of the remaining on the timer and all bonuses received, but it is necessary only to compare their success with other in the highscore table.

The gameplay in Monsters Glow is a running around on the drawn lines, during which we have to pay attention to several things. For example, bridges connecting various geometric figures — they need to be switched to reach new places on location, and for rescue from the monsters. The main character can be saved without it, just turned the other way. Buttons for these actions are located in the left and right corners of the screen.

The stars, in the amount of three pieces scattered in each level, the hang will not. Each has a timer, and get to they need in seconds. As the time at all different, to determine which should take the first, very easy, and therefore the most successful way for quick passage are often visible immediately. It’s a little disappointing because it simplifies some missions, but tasks are enough that it did not spoil the gaming experience. Yeah and getting stuck on some levels for a long time is not necessary, which is also a plus.

Opponents are able to hurt the hero by crashing into it. They are not deployed, do not shoot, do not accelerate at the sight of the enemy — just go on a pre-defined routes. To constantly run away from them, you can lock them, blocking the path with successfully rotated the bridge. But it turns out not always, so always use such tactics will not succeed.

Get all the stars on each level of a particular planet, the user gets access to the next one and does the same thing, but with more difficult conditions. Enemies running around, puzzles are harder, turns and bridges turns out to be more and the stars each time disappear faster. But even the most hopeless situation ceases to be one due to the light bulb icon that appears after a loss. It is worth to click on it like on YouTube opens videoprohozhdenie this level, kindly written by the developers.

In the Glow Monsters there are no microtransactions, and even in-game currency — all depreciated how to obtain a conditional gold coins do not need to exert any effort. It is impossible here no appearance of the main character change or some other elements like music and environment. In addition to solving a mystery there’s nothing here, and deal with them yourself is optional.

However, nothing wrong with that — even great that the game is absolutely free and offers quite a large amount of content for fans of this genre. If you don’t be tempted not to watch hints, walkthrough may take a very long time on the first planet levels about two dozen. Sad only a large number of commercials that appear right at the beginning of almost every new job, but this is easily remedied by disabling the mobile device to the Internet.

Glow Monsters — a free puzzle game that offers unoriginal, but had no time to get bored of the gameplay mechanics and not asking for it! Be sure to download it, we do not recommend, but fans of the genre certainly would be interested, and indeed fans poreshat puzzles definitely will be at least one planet, and to have fun. And maybe even get all the achievements and compete for first place in the high score table.

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