Pac-Man 256 Review

One of the legendary bugs in video game history is all 256 levels in the classic version of Pac-Man. Due to technical limitations it was the cause of the inability to play the game to the end. The whole right side of the locations on this level was like a mess of colorful characters and therefore understand what they need to do, users are not able to. PAC-man recently celebrated its 35th anniversary Continue reading “Pac-Man 256 Review” »

Happy Wheels game review

A few years ago let’s play all over the world literally inundated YouTube with his videos of Happy Wheels. Some number of posted videos exceeds a few hundred. But eventually, all of them were tired of the monotony, Yes, and gathered around them the audience wanted something new. Now, years later, that fun suddenly appeared on mobile platforms, losing relevance and being a stripped-down Continue reading “Happy Wheels game review” »